Stargoods High Heel Protectors for Shoes -Set of 3 Heel Savers (All sizes) – Unique Heart shaped design by Stargoods

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BEST PACK: High Heel Protectors for Shoes – Get 1 pair in each size: Narrow, Classic and Wide. (8, 10 and 12 mm) – The only ones in Amazon with Heart shaped unique design. They won't fall or break like others.;HEEL CAPS: Perfect for Weddings and Outdoor parties – Walk or dance on grass, sand or any other difficult surface. High quality flexible compound will give you a perfect fit for your shoes.;DISCRETE SHOE STOPPERS: Invisible – Made of anti-slip clear plastic rubber with lovely unique Heart shaped design. The original Stargoods brand with genuine embossed star logo. Perfect for Stilettos and other kind of high heels.;HEEL GUARDS: Best value for your Stiletto or boots outfit. Order your cover protector in bulk and save on shipping costs. They come in a practical travel bag. The perfect gift!;LIFETIME WARRANTY: You get the well known Stargoods Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defects, plus our World-class customer support.

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